Remote education for pupils who are self isolating

Day 5 Isolation - Thursday 22nd October
Basic skills (SPAG)
Complete the Halloween Uplevelling Sentences sheet below.  Follow the criteria carefully to produce the best sentences you can.


Recap: Write down 4 properties of a tetrahedron.

Now watch this video about nets of shapes

Play this interactive activity involving nets of a cube

Apply your understanding to the activities below in the blue boxes.

Challenge: Can you complete today’s challenges involving nets of shapes?


Look at the spooky picture below.  Tomorrow you are going to write a first person setting description imagining yourself walking up the track towards the eerie house but today you are going to start by producing a word bank of useful nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  You could also note down any useful phrases and sentence ideas.
Watch this video:

Now complete one of the following activities:

  • Compare/contrast Maya modes of dress with fashion in Britain today.
  • Create your own Maya headdress
  • Design an outfit for a Maya child

Feeling artistic? If you have access to paints you might want to try sponge/potato printing in a Mayan design (Don’t forget to ask an adult for help cutting out the shapes)


Email us pictures of your wonderful creations!
Here is some of our fantastic work!