Remote education

Suggested timetable:
Wednesday 20th January
Basic Skills - Reading
Read the Beowulf poem and then answer the questions below.  Check your answers once you are finished.
Ten minutes times tables practice (there are lots of interactive links on the homework pages)
Complete the activity to find the perimeter of a range of shapes.
Now watch this teaching video, explaining how calculate perimeter from given information:
Then complete all the activities the worksheet
Have a go at the challenge activity below
Semi-colons are a great way to get higher order punctuation into your writing.  They can be used to join two related but independent clauses.  Complete the worksheet on semi-colons below.
EXTRA CHALLENGE - write two semi-colon sentences of your own.


Task 1: Read the information about Climate Change

Task 2: Match the descriptions to the correct global crisis.

Task 3: Using the information from the power point, design a poster showing how we can help stop the impacts of climate change.

Here are some of the things we have been up to at home: