Transition into Year 1

Fidgety Five Year olds
One of the best ways to help your four and five year olds to get ready for September is to keep them physically active and busy over the summer. 
Try activities that focus on fine motor skills - Fiddly stuff like bead threading,  pasta on a necklace, Lego, Meccano, glueing twigs together are good for writing because they improve fine motor skills and this is important for developing pencil control and handwriting. 
Developing balance is key for children too and can be helped by working on gross motor skills and muscle strength. Try getting your child to walk along a skipping rope as an imaginary tight rope or walking along a wall, climbing, standing on one leg, learning how to bounce on a space hopper -if you have access to one -is great for balance and core stability. 
Good core stability can help your child to sit on a seat, support their writing skills and can help fidgetiness too. 
Year 1 Teachers