Healthy schools

Different Families.... Same Love
As part of our lessons on diversity within families, we had a whole school day learning all about different types of family. We learnt that families come in many shapes and sizes but what remains the same is the love they have for each other. All pupils drew a portrait of their own unique family and we created family tree displays throughout the school. 
KS2 Fruit
Just a reminder that children in KS2 can bring fruit or vegetables into school to have as a snack at playtime.  This may be dried fruit as well as fresh fruit, though we encourage parents to select items with no added sugar. 
Mental Health and Well being
Attending school in 2020 was a little different for all of us. Many of us were at home for long periods and the normality we all knew had become something very different. During the first few weeks of term we all focused on mental health and well being. All classes dedicated time to talking about feelings and emotions and learning ways of expressing them. We established rules and routines which in turn made us feel safe and happy. 
We all really enjoyed our annual PANTS day in school this year. We talked about what 'privates' are and why they should remain private. We know how important it is to be able to say NO if we feel uncomfortable when someone touches us. We can identify a safe adult we can trust if we need to talk.