Wallsend Jubilee Life Bags

Wallsend Jubilee Life Bags
Life Bags are offered as a form of support for parents in helping communicate with their child around sensitive issues such as:
The bags contain resources to use with your child to help them to understand their changing situation or challenges they are experiencing.
As a parent/carer you'll know your child did not arrive with a manual! Often it's a struggle to know how to best tackle uncomfortable topics and conversations, what to say/what not to say. Our Life Bags aim to help you, they contain resources for you to use with your child and information on organisations that offer further advice/support.
The resources in the bags are very flexible, you can use them how you wish, and ultimately what works best for you and your child/children. You don’t have to use all of the items in the bag, certain ones you may not find suitable for your child. 


How to borrow a Life Bag: 

Contact school on:  0191 8141601, 

There is no time limit once you've borrowed a bag. When it's returned we'll ask you to complete a short review form, this is to ensure the resources have been helpful, your feedback is important to us.  

We'd love to hear from you if you think there is a 'Life Bag' that  is missing from our selection, please let us know.