Supporting your dyslexic pupil with home learning.

If your little one is struggling with home learning due to dyslexia or dyscalculia  then there are some useful websites to support both you as a parent/carer and your child/children.
dyslexia assist This website has online guides for parents and activities or links to other websites for children to access for free
Twinkle Dyslexia Support You will need to join this website but it is free. It has a wealth of resources as well as 5 minute listening activities which will help support long term memory
Nessy dyslexia resources Nessy is a fabulous resource for home learning, unfortunately it will cost you £24. There is free 1 week subscription that you could try to see if it is worthwhile for your needs  This is a really good resource and is also available as an app- recommended for any child who struggles to read- based on phonic and decoding.