Our Classroom

In the last few years we have made some big changes to our environment to ensure that our children have the best possible learning environment. We see the environment as "the third teacher" and it's importance can not be underestimated. When we talk about our environment, we include both the indoor and outdoor space.
Our indoor classrooms reflect our belief that a learning environment should be calming, inviting and comfortable. It will feel homely, with little touches such as plants, rugs and lights. You will find lots of natural materials, real life objects and resources to inspire awe and wonder in children.
Our outdoor environment is a high-quality space with freedom and breadth. It enables children to learn about the world around them independently accessing the natural world, alongside the resources we provide. It promotes curiosity, investigation and creativity on a large and small scale.
In both areas there is a compliment of predetermined spaces as well as open ended areas which encourage communication, collaboration and problem solving. Our resources are accessible and well organised to encourage children to access them and engage in independent learning.