Our Staff

  • Mr D Harrison


    School leadership and management, finance and staffing, designated safeguarding lead

  • Miss J Tappenden

    Pupil Premium Leader

    Pupil Premium Champion and Year 2 Teacher

  • Mrs S Fenton

    Year 2 Teacher and English Manager

  • Mrs C Miller

    Inclusion Manager

    Inclusion Leader and Year 3/4 Teacher

  • Miss A Watson

    Currently on maternity leave

  • Miss B Cowen

    Year 3 teacher

  • Miss L Atkinson

    Teaching and Learning Leader

    Teaching and Learning Leader and Year 4 Teacher

  • Mr J McKay

    Year 5 teacher and maths manager

  • Mrs R Williamson

    Year 4 Teacher and Computing Manager

  • Mrs N Willis

    School Business Manager

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr R Brand

    Site Manager

  • Mrs L Bryson

    Behaviour, Guidance and Support Assistant, deputy designated safeguarding lead

  • Mrs L Hayes

    Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs Sam Taylor


    Year 5 class teacher

  • Mrs J Wyres

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs S Bell

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Ellen Byerley

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Joanne Dougherty

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs R Hawkins

    Deputy Headteacher

    Deputy Headteacher, intervention teacher, deputy designated safeguarding lead, assessment, data and NQT mentor

  • Mrs J Dunn

    Early Years Leader

    Early Years Leader and reception teacher

  • Miss L Hinchliffe

    Reception Teacher and P.E. Manager

  • Mrs A Hattrick

    Nursery Teacher and Computing Manager.

  • Mrs M Robinson

    Nursery Teacher and Religious Education Manager

  • Miss D Storey

    Early Years Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Morien

    Nursery Teaching assistant

  • Miss S Graham

    EYFS Apprentice

  • Mrs S Anderson

    Year 1 Teacher and PHSE Manager

  • Mrs F Tait

    Year 1 Teacher and PHSE Manager

  • Miss A Syropoulo

    Year 1 Teacher

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Miss A Hope

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mr C Allington

    Year 6 Teacher and Music Manager

  • Miss G Robson

    Year 6 Teacher and Science Manager

  • Mrs Lesley Holland

    Catch up teacher

  • Mrs L Donachie

    Teaching Assistant
    Currently on maternity leave

  • Mrs L Oliver

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Sam Milburn

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Sean Luke

    Teaching Assistant