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Thursday 9th April 2020

Today I wanted to start thinking about how to entertain our children when we don't have school work to fill at least some of our day.  I know I am fed up of hearing the words I'm bored over and over again and it is only the first day with no sunshine!  So with that in mind I have added a link of some practical activities you can do with your child.

 Remember I am always available for support, stay safe!



Update 31.3.20
How are you all doing?  I have to admit I am finding home schooling a challenge.  This week I have decided to do either math or English in the morning alongside reading and phonics.  In the afternoon I have been focusing on more creative tasks such as painting, cooking, game playing, dancing.  Remember we are all in this together and to email with any problems or questions. 
Stay safe
Cheryl Miller
Update 26.3.20
After a discussion with several parents of children with SEN/D I thought a regular update would be helpful.  As always I am available for any questions or support via my email address.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, however small the question/problem.  We are all in this together.
Like you, when I'm not at school looking after the children of 'key workers', I am at home trying to support my children  with their home learning as well as working from home.  I realise that it can be an overwhelming task sometimes looking after children with SEN/D so thought it might be helpful if I shared some of the things we use at school.   So that these updates can be as helpful as possible please do email me your questions or topics you would like advice about.
Stay safe - together we will get through this difficult time.
Cheryl Miller
I will add to this section as and when I find relevant information to help and support your child in your home.
TIP 1:
From experience I know that in our house it really helps if we plan out our days at home so that everyone knows what is going to happen and can therefore prepare themselves.  So since Monday we have been using a visual timetable  to set out the order of the day.  in addition to this visual timetable you could create a to do list of school work activities for the children to tick off as they complete them.  At home, we’ve added these to our noticeboard alongside our visual timetable.  It might just be me but there is nothing quite like the feeling of ticking off everything you’ve done on a to-do list. (I have been known to write down things I’ve already done just so I can tick them off!)
TIP 2:
Support your child in managing their emotions.  Some of the children have been introduced to zones of regulation which very simply means that our emotions can be split into four zones (see the image below).  Ideally we want to be in the green zone but sometimes things upset us and we move to the yellow or even the red zone. 

How do I use this with my child?

Step 1 is to help your child recognise when they are in each “zone”.  You can also model out loud how you are feeling as well e.g. “After my walk I am feeling green as I am calm and happy.”  “When you don’t do as I tell you I feel yellow because I feel frustrated.”


Step 2 is to help your child create a “toolkit” of strategies to help them to move back to green. These strategies might be individual to your child and your family circumstances but some ideas might include:

  • Having a drink of water
  • Hiding under a blanket/duvet
  • Counting to 10
  • Playing with fidget toys
  • Drawing a picture
  • Ask to go for a walk or do something active e.g. 10 star jumps
  • Talk to an adult
  • Ask for a snack
  • Listen to music
A self-regulation tool for students to visually show their feelings. They can monitor their own emotions and zones and move them quietly to show their teacher(s) their change in emotions. Based on the Zones of Regulation but in no way affiliated. Social Skills Activities, Teaching Social Skills, Counseling Activities, Social Emotional Learning, Therapy Activities, Anger Management Activities For Kids, Autism Activities, Elementary School Counseling, School Social Work



Please find listed below suggested none academic activities for your child to try.