Dear Parents,

As you are aware, school is closed as of 3.15p.m on Friday 20th March for most children, for the foreseeable future. Please be assured that we will be doing our utmost to ensure that children can continue to be learning at home, as well as keeping communication going between yourselves and us.

We are lucky in the fact that the early years curriculum is very practical and based around lots of fun and practical activities, so there is so much that you can be doing at home! Don't underestimate the value of real life experiences such as writing shopping lists, cooking and doing the garden. Make sure there are lots of opportunities for talking, explaining and asking questions! Read lots of favourite stories and find practical, fun ways of doing Maths. We will be guiding you through this every step of the way! Use this opportunity to enjoy learning with your child!

Please check tapestry daily as we will be adding tasks and ideas each morning. If you are unable to access tapestry or would like to contact your class teacher find their email addresses below:

This is a strange situation for us all, with little clarification of what will happen in terms of the duration of school closures. We are hoping to see your children before the school year, but if not we would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work and amazing, unique personalities. Thank you to all of you parents, for all of your support. Take care and look after each other.

The Early Years Team 

Government Advice

No one expects parents to act as teachers or childcare providers. Or to be able to provide all the activities that a nursery might.

The government has issued this advice for helping children aged 2-4years to learn at home. 

As always, we are here to help, so if you need us please feel free to call, email or send us a message on tapestry.

Take care and stay safe x

We Miss You!
It’s been so lovely to see your photos and videos from home. We miss you all so much and look forward to when we can all be together at Nursery again. We’ve sent you some little video messages just so you don’t forget us!! Stay safe everyone xx
  • Mrs L Morien

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Morien works in Nursery full time, Mon-Fri.