School Admissions

We welcome admissions in to our school throughout the school year. In year transfers can be requested by completing the forms on the North Tyneside in year transfer web page, please use this LINK.
If you are considering bringing your child to our school then we have a number of steps that we like to implement to ensure that they have a positive transition. These will include:
  • a visit to school for you as a family to meet the head teacher and deputy headteacher
  • a tour of the school to visit classes and to understand our school ethos and values
  • completion of a welcome pack, including the opportunity to discuss any medical or dietary needs with our business manager
  • if your child has SEND then you will have the opportunity to meet with our inclusion manager
  • If your child is vulnerable then you will have an opportunity to meet with a member of our safeguarding team
  • on your child's first day in school they will be met by their class teacher at the school office, where they will be shown where to put their belongings, they will be introduced to the class and given a buddy 
  • their buddy will help them to navigate the school, introduce them to class mates and support them during lunch and play times
  • at the end of the first day the class teacher will feed back to families about the day
If your child is leaving us to transition to another school then we will support families in this process by:
  • supporting families to access and complete in year transfer forms 
  • allocating a mentor to talk through the transfer with your child, including having a look at their new school website
  • ensuring that there is time on the final day for your child to say goodbye to their friends
  • transferring all relevant information to the new school once confirmation has been received that they are registered
  • If your child is SEND or vulnerable then we will transfer all relevant, including that on our CPOMs safeguarding system, once confirmation has been received that they are registered