Reading at Wallsend Jubilee Primary School

Reading at Wallsend Jubilee

At Wallsend Jubilee —  Reading is a high priority. We have a clear focus on teaching our children to become fluent and competent readers. 

We believe that a child’s ability to read is fundamentally important to allow our pupils maximum access to our curriculum. 

The children at Jubilee leave our school above average (Compared to National Statistics) in the     progress that they make as readers, this includes pupils with special educational needs and pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Our reading results are obtained through a systematic approach to developing reading skills through a structured and consistent programme, a language rich environment, effective support and intervention, a culture that embraces a love of reading and a well-resourced library that reflects the needs and interests of our pupils.


KS1 Home Reading books

In order to better support your child with his/her reading, we have changed the way that we will  provide home reading books throughout Reception and KS1.

From November 2020, your child has started to bring home 2 books.

Book 1: This book will be linked to the phonic learning that your child has been doing at school. Your child should have learned each of the sounds present within this book and they should be able to read it out loud to you. They may use their phonics to sound out and blend each word, and may still need your help at times.  This will be a Read Write Inc phonics book.

Book 2: This book is a book to read and enjoy with your child. Your child may not be able to decode all of this book or read it independently. It will be from a book banded box which has a range of different styles of books in. You can read this book to them/with them and ask your child questions about the characters and the plot. You may re-read this book multiple times during the week to support your child’s enjoyment and comprehension.  ‘After your child completes all of the phonic sounds and passes their phonic screening test, they will bring home one book which can be changed as often as they like. We hope that this will support your child in applying the sounds at home that they have learned in school and allow you to see their progress.


Reading in KS2

Support with reading continues into KS2 as we continue to develop children’s phonological knowledge and understanding while improving reading accuracy and comprehension skills and Inference skills. We provide additional support to those children that find comprehension challenging. We are committed to supporting children to overcome any difficulties they may have in their ability, to ensure that our children find reading a pleasure.

In KS2, children continue to build on their reading skills through structured whole class reading sessions, which teach key skills and probe children’s understanding. These sessions allow children to experience a wide range of text types and genres, with clear links with other curriculum areas. Children develop an understanding of vocabulary and real-world issues – learning about science and history – through a range of written short extracts, websites, articles and chapters of books. Children’s understanding of these texts and their themes is challenged through questioning linked to the content domains.  


KS2 Home Reading books  


Children will continue to bring a book home each week and those who need phonics based books will still be able to choose from a range of those. All children will choose a book from their levelled book band. These book bands contain a range of different styles of books and publishers

To supplement our range of home readers we also encourage children to read e-books online using Oxford Owl this gives a range of relevant, age-appropriate and interesting fiction and non-fiction texts are available to all children. All classes have a log in for this website. (contact your child's class teacher if you need this again)


 At Jubilee we have invested heavily in our  new library to provide children of all abilities with a wealth of books that will excite, inspire and develop children to become life-long readers. This will be up and running in the not too distant future for children to browse and choose a book. We also continue to have the North Tyneside Library bus visit out school once per half term.


Finally, at Jubilee  we strive to foster a love of reading in all of our children. We share stories and class novels with our children daily. Our texts are chosen carefully to reflect appropriate challenge and interest levels. Furthermore, our texts are chosen to reflect diversity and real-life scenarios .


Children are given the opportunity to talk about their class novels and any real-life  scenarios, recap on the storyline and delve into a deeper understanding of character and actions . Children are able to reflect on and justify their thoughts.