Our Governors

Our School Governors
The Governors at Wallsend Jubilee play a very important role in the daily life of our school.   Governors at our school are all volunteers who help run our school.  Most schools, including Wallsend Jubilee, run with a group of school governors  - together they are called the 'governing body'.  They're involved in decisions about all aspects  of managing the school - such as running buildings and budgets, supporting staff and setting standards across the school.  Governors also help make big decisions  about the school's long term goals.  They support the headteacher, but also ask questions and challenge the headteacher about the direction of the school's aims and ambitions moving into the future.
At Wallsend Jubilee, we have a strong active governing body who come from a variety of walks of life.  Not all of our governors are parents but they all have an enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in the education of all of the children at Wallsend Jubilee Primary School.
  • Mrs Sarah Campbell

    Chair of Governors/Local Authority Governor/English and Math Lead

    I was delighted to be appointed as a Parent Governor in 2014. Having lived in North Tyneside for over 39 years I have a strong connection to the School and the Community. My children and relatives have attended the school and back in 2021 i was elected as a community governor. My background is over 26 years of working in a number of roles within the public sector and the water industry. I bring my knowledge, experience and skills gained from these roles to the school which includes; financial management, HR, Communications, Recruitment and Project Management. I am proud to work alongside pupils, staff and parents of the school to help create a safe and supportive learning environment for children to grow and achieve great results.

  • Ms Katrina Moffat B.E.M.

    Trust governor/Health and safety/Pupil premium

    "I have been a governor for North Tyneside Learning Trust since 2011 and I currently have roles at George Stephenson High School as well as Wallsend Jubilee Primary School.

    I have spent all of my professional career working in education, primarily supporting students into Higher Education but also working with SEND students. I have a keen interest in social mobility and ensuring that young people are provided with the opportunities they deserve, regardless of their background.

    As well as being a governor, I am also a member of Girlguiding and have a popular Guide unit in Forest Hall which gives me the opportunity to support young women to build confidence and skills for their future."

  • Mrs Aimee Mason

    Parent Governor/SEND and Inclusion

    I am Parent Governor at Wallsend Jubilee Primary School. Both of my children attend and attended the school. My daughter has just left in Year 6 and my son is in Year 2.
    My background is in special educational needs, I have worked for 18 years in a secondary school specifically working with students with autism. I believe every child should be educated in a warm, caring, stimulating environment, within which the well being of the child is at the forefront of every member of staffs mind. I look forward to another successful year as Parent Governor at Wallsend Jubilee.

  • Mr Shaun Rutherford

    Parent governor/behaviour for learning, safeguarding and child protection

    I was appointed as a Parent Governor at Wallsend Jubilee Primary School in March 2022.

    I have worked within the public sector for over 12 years, carrying out various roles and responsibilities that involve working closely with the community. I have regular contact with those who are vulnerable and may require support from appropriate safeguarding measures.

    My daughter is currently in year 5 and I have always taken a vested interest in her education. By both working and living in the local area, I feel I have a good grasp of current affairs and understand the priorities and values of our community. Therefore I will endeavour to assist the school in making sound, well-calculated and justifiable decisions for our children.

  • Mrs Elaine Chaplin

    Co opted governor

    I am pleased to be joining Wallsend Jubilee as a co-opted governor. I have had several years experience of the role of governor having recently stepped down as chair of governors from a MAT primary school in Northumberland.
    My background has been working in early years for10 years ending in 2020 as manager of an Outstanding early years provision.
    I currently work for North Tyneside Council as a ready for school improvement officer. This role offers a vast array of knowledge which I hope I can bring to the school.
    I am a youth mental health first aid instructor and have a passion for supporting vulnerable children.
    Currently I am an area lead for the Department for Education expert and mentor programme as well as undertaking a PhD.

  • Mrs B Scales

    Staff Governor

    I am proud to have worked at Wallsend Jubilee as a Class Teacher since 2018. During this time, I have taught within Year 1, Year 4 and my current position is in Year 3. Additional to my teaching role, I lead Art and Design Technology across the school, encouraging children to be creative and fulfil their talents. I am looking forward to working closely with the Early Years Foundation Stage team during my time as governor, in order to gain further insight and assist in the provision provided.