In year 4, children will occasionally receive ‘familiarisation homework’. This will be sent out at the beginning of a unit of work and children have a choice as to the level of engagement they wish to have with this piece;

Level 1- Take the homework home and do nothing.

Level 2- Take the homework home and read over it, maybe discuss it with someone in their household.

Level 3- Take the homework home and produce some work to support their understanding. This could be a drawing, piece of writing or some completed calculations for maths.


We hope that this ‘no pressure’ approach to homework will achieve three things;

-         Parents/ carers will be able to have an understanding of what is being taught in school without the added pressure of completing homework in their busy schedules.

-         Children who struggle with an aspect of school have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with what will be taught in the upcoming weeks which will in turn increase their confidence in that area.

-         Children who are keen to continue their learning at home are given an opportunity to do this in a way in which they will enjoy.


Thank you for your support,

Miss Atkinson and Mrs Williamson