History Curriculum


Our History curriculum at Wallsend Jubilee Primary School has been designed to inspire an interest and understanding of the people who lived in, and events of, the past.


In EYFS, children are introduced to Historical terms and vocabulary, within their Understanding the world area of learning, through exploring people, objects and events in the past. Storytelling also plays an important part in History learning in EYFS.


In Key stage 1, children begin to explore Historical periods and significant people and events during these times. Children are given opportunities to compare these eras, events and people with present day.


In key stage 2, Ancient History is introduced and History is taught chronologically in order to provide children with a sense of identity and cultural understanding based on their historical heritage. Our History curriculum is taught through a theme based approach and children will explore a different theme each term. Our local area of Wallsend has a rich heritage, including coal mining, shipbuilding and the settlement of the Romans. We therefore place local heritage at the heart of our Historical studies.