Year 5 Remote Learning Spring 2021

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Good morning Year 5.
REMEMBER to have regular breaks, email us if you need help and most of all enjoy challenging yourselves with your learning. 
Google Meets:
We will see you at our daily Google meets at 10:10am.  Keep an eye out for your invite from either Mrs Taylor or Mr Mckay at around 10:05am
We will be going through the tasks in more detail, but if you have any questions before the meeting please let us know by email:
Afternoon support Google Meet:
We will have a further 15 minute meeting at 1:30pm each day to support anyone who needs help with their English or Maths.  If you need any support please email one of us before 1:15pm and we will set up a meeting.  
Year 5 Class assembly
This will take place every Friday at 1:30 pm where we will celebrate your amazing efforts with home learning and award certificates for our 'Star learners'.   
This Friday (5th March) we will be celebrating 'WORLD BOOK DAY'
Bring your favourite book to our Google meet. 
BASIC SKILLS - 05/03/2021
Today you have a SPAG activity on pronouns.
Keep up with practising this half term's spellings- the focus this week  is 'cious'  
There are 2 groups for spellings so remember to scroll down for Group 2.
You can ask an adult to test you at any time before the end of Friday 5th March.
REMEMBER there is the Oxford Owl website that you can visit to choose a reading book.  You have all received an email previously with this information on.  If you have any questions please feel free to email us. 
The pdf below has the information on for you.
Today's task :
You are to create a story map of your innovation of 'Gregory cool'.  Using your ideas from Wednesday, draw and write your plan using the five sentence starters that are there. ( You may change them to suit your story)
As an extension- Can you think of a 'catchy' title for your innovation?
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We will be using White Rose maths lessons for our remote learning during this period of lockdown.  You will have a video to watch each day, which will provide you with the online learning objectives and lesson content (you can watch it as many times as you need to) and there will be worksheets and Use Your Heads related to each learning objective and video.



LO - To subtract fractions from whole amounts.

1) Watch the video

2) Have a go at the True or False question

3) Complete the worksheet - the video tells you which questions to do and when to do them.

4) Have a go at applying the learning to the UYH challenges.



Access the multiplication games section of our webpage and practise all the times tables that you are not confident with - this unit of work will be much harder for you if you don't know your times tables.

You can also access the times table check resource by following this link:

If you require any help with your maths, please email Mr Mckay @

Fractions Extension Task
Attached is a set of questions that cover all the learning that involves fractions in Years 3, 4 & 5.
The answers are at the end - you can do them in any order you like and there will be questions from Year 5 that you won't have covered yet, but if you want an extension task to complete, have a go!
Multiplication & Division Extension Task
If you can remember, we covered multiplication & division a few weeks ago.
Here are a range of questions that involve multiplication and division for you to get your teeth into if you want to see how well you have remembered and can apply the skills and knowledge you learnt.
The answers are at the end - you can do them in any order you like.
Addition & Subtraction Extension Task
If you can remember, we covered addition & subtraction in the Autumn Term.
Here are a range of questions that involve addition and subtraction for you to get your teeth into if you want to see how well you have remembered and can apply the skills and knowledge you learnt.
The answers are at the end - you can do them in any order you like.
Times Tables Rock Star
Below are the links and instructions for logging onto Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS)
Try to do at least 15 minutes each day to become an expert at your multiplication facts.




Today we are thinking about the world around us and how we can be responsible citizens. These past 2 weeks have been 'fairtrade fortnight' where we think about where our food comes from and how we can pay a fair price to those who provide that food.

Watch this video

Complete 'I see I notice I wonder I think' task for this video

Extension: Comprehension task



World Book Day 2021

 Today is world book day, a day where we celebrate our favourite books. Below are some tasks related to this year's World book day. Choose one task to complete this afternoon. 


Task 1- Finger puppets- Make a finger puppet of your favourite character or characters in a book and use them to retell the story. You could record yourself doing this and send a video to your teacher!

Task 2- Character description- Choose 1 out of 3 possible tasks in which you can draw or describe your favourite book character.

Task 3 - Top 5- Complete the resource to explain your 'top 5' related to books. 

Task 4- Word search- Find the famous authors' names in the word search. 

Daily PE Session
Use the link below to access some PE activities - try and do at least one each day.
Extending Your Own Learning
If you have completed your work and want to push yourself and extend your understanding within a subject, why not have a go at some self-directed learning.
Attached is a PDF with links to lots of different educational websites for all of the subjects and topics you are learning about.
Think about which subject or topic you want to learn more about or become better at and click on the relevant link to find some lessons, activities or games to complete:
Here is a small snapshot of some of the remote learning tasks  that Year 5 have completed. 
If you have any remote learning pictures that you would like to share on here, please email your teacher.
In Year 5 we enjoy reading.  Which is your favourite book?