Year 5 - Working From Home

Here is your Journal, we hope you enjoy looking at it, we certainly did!!
Hello to all of our wonderful Year 5 pupils and their families!
As we continue into the Summer term with home learning,  we understand how difficult it can be to juggle everything and to think we are doing the right thing by our children.  We understand that everyone is in different circumstances with different time constraints, outside stresses and so on. At such a difficult time we do not want anyone to feel under pressure - yours and your child's mental health is so important. Whilst we will continue to put daily English, Maths and afternoon activities on the website each day, we want to stress that there is no expectation to do all of these every day.
Whilst it is important to keep your child's brain ticking over, there are plenty of ways to do this without formal work. Think about cooking, gardening, washing the car, treasure hunts, board games etc. Talk to your child, ask questions and let them solve problems for themselves.
There are now loads of free resources doing the rounds on the internet, TV and YouTube, from Joe Wicks daily exercise session, David Walliams story reading, Carol Vorderman Maths Factor and loads more that I'm sure will come up - we will post our favourites on this page!
Let's make the best out of a difficult situation. It is not often that we are given such an opportunity to learn with our children. Treasure it and remember to wash those hands.  
We are always here to help - If you have any concerns or queries, we can be contacted on email between 9am and 4pm and will endeavour to reply to your enquiries as quickly as we can.
We can be contacted on:
5LA -
5JM -
Thank you for your continued support and stay safe during these difficult times.

Daily Tasks:

In addition to the specific tasks set for English and Maths, please also try to include the following activities regularly as part of your child’s home learning experience:

 Reading :

Please aim to read with / to your child for a minimum of twenty minutes every day (including reading for pleasure). There are some wonderful resources available to help with this - 

- You can access a free e-book library on Oxford Owl by visiting their webpage  and clicking on the ‘Oxford Owl e-book library’ link.  This is a fantastic reading resource for children and books can be matched to your child’s reading interests and ability.

-You can join North Tyneside Libraries online by using the form at:

- You can listen for free to the stories of David Walliams by visiting the  website below, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20 minutes of pure fun and mischief!

Remember, reading for pleasure is so very important.  This could include reading stories, non-fiction books (information/fact books), comics, graphic novels, newspapers, websites (BBC news/sports etc.), biographies, autobiographies - any books/articles that interest and engage you.  It is really important that you keep your reading stamina going and use the time away from school to keep improving your reading ability.



Ask your child to work through the list of spellings, choosing 5 per day – practise writing them in fun ways (writing in sand / in flour/ in paint etc).  Children then write the 5 words in their books and write a sentence for each. 

You can find a list of the Year 5 / 6 spellings as a resource below. 

There are also lots of fun spelling games available on the Top Marks website –


Times Tables:

Please aim to spend 10 minutes a day focussing on learning and revising your times tables.  There are lots of fun times tables songs and games to help make this task fun!  A few are listed below:

Visit the Top Marks website for fun times table games -

Times tables songs:


French 13.7.20
Summer holidays
Have fun during your summer holidays with this summer holiday French challenge  
(See link below)
British Values
Make sure you are keeping up to date with what is happening in the world.
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