Year 4 Remote Learning Spring 2021

Complete the 6R form using this form:
Please complete the short survey (link below) about your home education experience.
Google Meet Information
  • Year 4 morning meetings will take place every weekday at 9.45.
  • Mrs Bell and Miss Milburn's intervention group will take place every Tuesday at 11. You will be contacted if you need to attend this group.
  • Our class assembly will take place every Friday at 2.30. 
  • Our worry workshop is available Monday- Thursday at 2.30. Please email your teacher for the link to this if you feel you need to attend. 
  • Year 4 book club will take place every Thursday at 1.30. 
Please make sure you follow our school rules and always have an adult present when online. 
As well as finding out who this week's star home learners are, we would love to see a photo of a special memory. 
This half term we will be hosting a new book club for anyone in year 4 who enjoys reading. The book club will meet every Thursday afternoon at 1.30 via Google Meet with Miss Atkinson. Each week you will be given a short book to read from the Oxford Owl website. You will need to have read the book by the Thursday meeting and at the meeting we will discuss what you linked or did not like about the text and answer any questions that you may have.
This week we will be looking at the Thumbelina, a very famous story which has been retold by Michael Foreman. This is the story of a tiny little girl called Thumbelina who travels through a forest, looking for a home, and meets lots of inquisitive creatures along the way. 
W/B 1st March
Basic Skills
This week we will be completing SPAG mats. There are 3 levels of challenge (1 star is tricky, 2 stars is trickier and 3 stars being the trickiest) so choose which level you feel is most appropriate for you. Once you have answered the questions, you can self mark using the answers on the next page. 
Finding it tricky?
Don't forget, you can use the following website to read any tricky words out to you:
You can also check out the meaning of words using an online dictionary:
This week we will be starting our factions unit! Open the 'Maths Links' pdf and it will take you to each day's lesson on Oak Academy. 
Finding it tricky?
- Open the 'Fraction Support' documents for examples and definitions. 
- Open the 'Practical Ideas' to try some different fractions work at home. 
Want more of a challenge?
- Complete the 'extension' activity.
We will now be starting a non fiction unit of work in English in which we will be writing a non chronological report. Throughout this 4 week unit of work, we will gather information and skills that will help us to write this report. Click on the PDF document below to access these lessons which are taught through the Oak Academy website. Remember, you are to only complete the lesson of that day.



Today we are thinking about the world around us and how we can be responsible citizens. These past 2 weeks have been 'fairtrade fortnight' where we think about where our food comes from and how we can pay a fair price to those who provide that food.

Watch this video

Complete 'I see I notice I wonder I think' task for this video

Extension: Comprehension task



World Book Day 2021

 Today is world book day, a day where we celebrate our favourite books. Below are some tasks related to this year's World book day. Choose one task to complete this afternoon. 


Task 1- Finger puppets- Make a finger puppet of your favourite character or characters in a book and use them to retell the story. You could record yourself doing this and send a video to your teacher!

Task 2- Character description- Choose 1 out of 3 possible tasks in which you can draw or describe your favourite book character.

Task 3 - Top 5- Complete the resource to explain your 'top 5' related to books. 

Task 4- Wordsearch- Find the famous authors' names in the word search. 


For D&T we have created a healthy, vegan dish for the athlete Venus Williams. Don't forget to evaluate your dish and send us a photo!
Well done for completing the science experiments so far - you have been fantastic scientists! Can you make your own butter?
Daily PE Session
Use the link below to access some PE activities - try and do at least one each day!
Extending Your Own Learning
If you have completed your work and want to push yourself and extend your understanding within a subject, why not have a go at some self-directed learning.
Attached is a PDF with links to lots of different educational websites for all of the subjects and topics you are learning about.
Think about which subject or topic you want to learn more about or become better at and click on the relevant link to find some lessons, activities or games to complete:
Year 4's fantastic home learning
 Don't forget to email your completed tasks to your teacher.