Week Beginning 6th July - Daily and Weekly Tasks

Week Beginning 6th July 2020
Hola amigos!  Welcome to another week of home learning.  We hope you enjoy this week's activities!  There are only two weeks left of Summer Term so please try your hardest, please remember to read every day and pleeeeaaaaase remember to practise your times tables lots and lots and lots!!! Have a great week. 
English Activities
Hi guys, this week we are continuing with our Talk for Writing activity booklet.  We hope that you are enjoying finding out about the wonderful world of wizardry! As always, aim to spend around an hour each day working through the booklet.  Some tasks are open-ended so feel free to spend a little longer on the activities if you become absorbed in a task.
Maths Activities
Morning all,  I hope you're well?  This week, I would like you to continue with the revision booklets we started last week - I'll put new links at the bottom to download them - you don't need to print them out, just look at them on screen and answer on paper. 
I'll also include the answer booklets, so you can check the work that you have already done - If you finished them all, well done and use today to check your answers against the mark scheme.
If you think the mark scheme is incorrect for some questions (they can be), email me which question and booklet it's from and I'll check it for you.
My expectation is that you'll have completed the booklets by the end of next week when the school year finishes, but I'll also upload some new work for anyone who has completed them already.
Afternoon Activities
Explore the concept of density with this fun experiment!
Applying what you have learnt about maps so far, design a map for an imaginary land!  Ensure your map has a title, scale line, compass rose and a key.  
Art / Design
We hope you are enjoying your Shelters project.  Please continue with the activities included in your booklet this week.  Make sure you use the results of your research tasks in your design specifications to ensure you build a strong, sturdy shelter!
Click on the link below and go to session 6 of our Opera unit of work.