W.B 4/5 Nursery Home Learning

Monday 4th May

Good morning and Happy Monday!!
Another Monday and another week of no Nursery!
How are you all coping? It’s getting harder and harder not seeing family and friends isn’t it!! Remember we’re always here if you need to talk!

Today Iv recorded a story for you. Penguin doesn’t speak much in the story, why do you think that is? Could he be shy? Could he speak a different language? What would you do to encourage Penguin to speak?

Maybe he doesn’t know the words yet!
When we’re learning new words it’s always good to clap out the syllables or sounds in a word.
Have a try at this Go Noodle song to get you warmed up.


It was really tricky when the words got longer wasn’t it!!

Let try something simple like clapping out our names.

Ben is an easy one - just 1 sound so 1 clap.
How many claps are in your name?

My name would sound like this...
Miss - is - Hat - Trick (4 claps, 4 sounds)

Can you clap out any other words? Try clapping out animals or food or Tv characters. I’d love to see some videos of you doing it. Remember to say the sounds in the word as you do it!!

If you’re feeling creative, can you use your hands to make a picture? Draw around your hand, paint your hands or you could make a lockdown keepsake of everyone’s hands. ( see link below )


Tuesday 5th May


Good Morning - Happy Tuesday!!!!
Are you keeping fit and active? It’s important that we are making sure that we get a little bit of exercise every day to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Here’s some Go Noodle on You Tube to get you started.


You may have heard about Captain Tom who is 100 years old. He has been walking round and round his garden to raise money to support our NHS workers.

Could you make your own challenge today. Perhaps you could see how many times you could run around your garden in 5 minutes. You could run up and down the stairs 10 times. Why not design a little circuit. 5 star jumps, 5 hops, run on the spot for 5 seconds. Etc

Don’t forget to count them. You can count anything!!

Have you played hopscotch before? Try marking out your own grid on the ground with chalk or on the carpet with tape. It’s lots of fun and good exercise too.

I can’t wait to see what you plan to do.

What happened to your body after you had done your exercise? Did you feel any different? Hot, sweaty, need a drink? Put a hand on your heart and see if it is beating faster, if it is, then great job!!!!

Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning my lovelies!!!!

Hope you’ve had a good start to your Wednesday, the sun is shining through my windows and I’m feeling happy today!! How are you feeling?

When I’m happy I like to sing!! Singing songs and rhymes is great for learning the rhythm to spoken language and is an important part of language development. Adding actions to songs also helps to improve listening skills and coordination.

Have a go at these popular nursery rhymes and join in with the actions.


Which song is your favourite? Can you explain why? Can you sing it for me?

I would love to put together a video of you all singing your favourite nursery rhymes and I will post it on tapestry later today when you’ve sent them!! I can’t wait to hear them.

Have a lovely day

Thursday 7th May

Good Morning Everyone. I thought we could start off our morning with a Cosmic Kids Yoga story about Frank the Frog https://youtu.be/TY8xx7c6_z0 

When I was in school on Tuesday I met our class frog, Fred. Now Fred has been missing you all and wanted to come along to say hello and play some games with you all. First, Fred had a story to tell, but you need to listen very carefully as Fred doesn't speak like us, he can only sound out his words. Can you do some super listening and put the sound together to hear the words Fred is saying?

Fred also shared one of his favourite counting games called Feed The Monster. You will need a Tens Frame for each player, small objects to count with (I used cereal), a drawn monster - with a big open mouth and a dice or spinner. I made simple paper clip spinner as couldn't find a dice! The winner is the first person to reach 10 items.with your grown ups? You could make some Red, White and Blue bunting and hang it up. We would love to see you photos. Take care & enjoy the weekend.

Friday 8th May
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone! Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe!
Happy VE day!