W.B 30/3 Nursery Home Learning

Monday 30th March

Hi!!! Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend and are being good for your grown ups. Remember to reach for that rainbow.

We will continue to set you challenges this week and we can’t wait to see what fun you get up to. Please upload your photos to Tapestry for us to see.

For today, we’d like you to share with us your favourite story. Choose a book and look at the pictures, carefully turning the pages. I bet you know it word for word. Can you read it to us?? If you don’t know the words, make it up, what’s happening in the pictures? What will happen next?

Can you draw a picture of your favourite character from your story and don’t forget to write your name on. Keep practicing writing your name at home.

Tuesday 31st March

Happy Tuesday everyone!! We loved listening to all your great stories yesterday and you drew some lovely pictures too, well done!!

Today we’d like you to help out in the kitchen!! Can you help your grown ups to prepare one of your meals for the day. Using table knives to safely chop or spread or a spoon to mix. We can’t wait to see what you’re going to make.

How many people will be eating today? Can you help to set the table. How many plates will you need. How many knives and forks will you need?

Junior Masterchef’s in the making!

Wednesday 1st April

I thought I would share a story with you today! It was very strange for me reading to a camera instead of your smiling faces. Are you ready to do some good listening?

After you have told your grown ups the answers to the questions at the end, you could draw or paint a picture of your favourite animal in the story? Or maybe you could draw your own map, like the one Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len used. What would your special prized item be on your map?

Then why not play a game of Hide and Seek with a teddy or toy. Hide the special item in the room and ask your child to find it. When they do, ask them to describe the position they found it eg. ON the sofa, UNDER the chair, IN the toybox, BEHIND the plant etc.Take turns to find it.

Have a lovely day and we will see you again tomorrow.

Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning Everyone.
Yesterday I went to check on my mum and wave at her through the window and while I was there she told me to check the pond. There was something very strange inside. It was hard to see in the pond so I scooped some up for a closer look. It looked like small little lumps of jelly with a black dot inside. But what can it be? I’m really not sure. I think it looks like little eggs, but not the sort I would like to eat!

I wondered if you could help me find out what these strange things could possibly be, as you are all very good at investigating and finding things out. Do you already know what it is? If not, where could you look to find out some information? A book? A tablet? A computer? Will the jelly eggs grow bigger or change? Do the need to stay in the water? What will come out of them? I think you'll need to become a detective to investigate!

If you find out what it could be, could you send me a video message to tell me about it, or draw me a picture to let me know all about it. Thank you

Tip for parents: when helping your child to search online, use; life cycle of a frog for nursery or preschool, so the information, videos and songs will be age appropriate.

Friday 3rd April

Good morning, we are nearly at the end of another week and another term.
For today's challenge we would like you to design and make a musical instrument. Think about what materials you will use and how you will join pieces together, will you add some decorations? How will you play your instrument. Will you shake it, will you pluck it or will you bang it? It's up to you. You may like to play the pots and pans, but please ask your grown up first so you don't use anything breakable.

Once you have made you instrument, can you play it as you sing your favourite nursery rhyme? We'd love to see your performances. If you search, BBC schools radio nursery rhymes or go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/nursery-rhymes-songs-index/zhwdgwx  You will find a selection an familiar nursery rhymes and conting songs. Can you play along to your favourite.

Normally as we break up for Easter, we would have been having lots of fun crafting Easter cards, decorating Easter eggs and going in Easter hunts in the garden. You may decide to do some of these activities over the break and we'd love to see what you get up to. Take care, we will be back after the Easter holidays in two weeks with more challenges, stories, activities and games. Until then, Stay Safe.

Bedtime Stories
Some of you have told us how much you have been enjoying Mrs Robinson reading you a story so here is one last one before we break up for Easter!
There is a section in the 'Corona Virus' tab on the website where you will find lots more bedtime stories read by other members of staff in school and their children. 
Have a lovely Easter everyone x