W.B 27/4 Nursery Home Learning

Monday 27th April

Good Morning!! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Can you believe that this is now our 4th week of home schooling and our 6th week away from Nursery. Time is flying and we miss you all very much. 

For today’s daily challenge we would like you to look out from your window or garden.

What can you spot? A car, a person, a dog, a bike??

Can you draw a line to tally how many you see? When you are finished, carefully count the lines to see how many there are of each thing. Which one did you see most? Which one did you see least?

Can you draw a picture of something you saw.

Have fun!

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning and happy Tuesday.

Today Iv been very brave and recorded you a story. Monkey Puzzle. I hope you enjoy it.

We found out that butterflies and their babies look very different but little monkey looked just like his mum. Who do you look like? Do you look more like your mum or dad? What is the same about you and your mum or dad? Have you got the same eyes, or same hair?

Can you draw a picture of your family. See if you can use the right colours for everyone’s eyes and hair. Can you write your name on your picture? Have a try and see if you can label mum and dad.

Have a fun day little monkeys

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning and happy Wednesday !!!!

I loved all the pictures you did yesterday, you are all getting so good at drawing.

Today we’re going to stick to our Monkey Theme and start off with a song 5 little monkeys. I know you all know it so join in!!


In our story Monkey Puzzle, the little monkey had lost his mum. Have you ever lost sight of your grown up?? It can be scary can’t it. Talk to your grown ups about what you should do if ever you get lost!!

Play a game of marching pairs. Can you help the mummy and babies find each other again. I’ve attached a paper option if you have a printer or you could draw your own mummy and babies. I also have a link to an online matching game app.



Have a lovely day xx

Thursday 30th April


Good Morning Everyone… How are you today? All well I hope.
Today we have another adventure about Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. I hope you enjoy it.
I have chosen some pirate related activities you might like to try out today.

In the books the pirates have funny alliterative names (beginning with the same letter), like Rufus Rumblebelly, Gordon Gurgleguts, a girl pirate might be Meredith Mischief-Maker! Can you make up some funny pirate names where the words begin with the same sound? You could draw your pirates too.

In our story, Violet uses her telescope to look through before shouting, Land Ahoy! Could you make your own telescope to have your own adventures? What materials could you use? How can you join the pieces together?

All good pirates need a ship. Can you use tin foil to make your own pirate ships? Does it float? Next you need to load them up with treasure. Try adding pennies one at a time to see how many you can count on before your boat sinks. You could have a competition in your house to see whose boat can hold the most.

For a final investigation, collect some items from your house or garden and before you put them into the water, try to predict if you think it will sink to the bottom or float on the surface. There's lots to think about, the size, weight, material, shape - do these properties have any effect on whether your items sink or float? What did you find out?

Have fun, you don't have to do them all (unless you want to!). Just some ideas for you to choose from. We look forward to seeing what you get up to on your own pirate adventure...

Friday 1st May

Good Morning Everyone, It's Friday - Yay! Here are some activities that you might like to try today.
I have read 'Superworm' as todays story, which I chose as it contains lots of rhyming words (words that sound the same at the end). Ask your child to listen out for the rhyming words as they listen to the story. Can they hear any?

I have attempted to attach two files today (I have never done this before so I am hoping it works), you can print them out if you have a printer or open them on your phone or tablet and point to the answers. The first is a rhyming words sheet, and the second is a rhyming words - odd one out sheet. Hearing rhyming words can be a difficult concept for young children to learn, it is something that can take a lot of time and practice so don't worry if your child cannot hear the rhyme. Talk to your child about listening very carefully as they say the words out loud and remind them that rhyming words sound the same at the end. Try comparing two words together to make it easier to hear eg. cat / dog or cat / hat, which words rhyme? When you share a book that contains rhyming words (like Room On The Broom), stop and spend some time talking about the rhyming pairs.

Next, try to make playdough worms. Can you roll with one hand, back and forth against a surface. Can you roll the dough in between both hands. Can you stretch the dough into a worm shape. Can you make a long worm and a short worm? This is a great activity for strengthening little hands.

Lastly, Why not go on a hunt around your garden for worms. How many can you find. Are they all the same size? Don't forget to put them back in the soil and wash your hands when you have finished.

Enjoy todays activities, have a lovely weekend and we will be back on Monday with more ideas.