W.B 23/3 Nursery Home Learning

Nursery Home Learning

This is a very strange time for all of us and while school is closed to most of you, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some great quality learning from home and we’re here to help you along the way!

Every day your teachers will set you a challenge. We’d love if you could post on tapestry some pictures and videos of you and your children completing the challenges for us to see and we’d love to share some of our favourites!!



Monday 23rd March

Today we’d like you to work together to build a den!! Use whatever materials you can find around the house to make somewhere cosy for you to sit. Blankets, sheets and pillows work great along side your furniture. Once you’ve made your den you could always decorate it by taping on your drawings and writing.

A den is a great place to enjoy a good book, have an indoor picnic or play with your toys. We can’t wait to see what you can create.

Tuesday 24th March

Today, we’d like you to get involved in some dough disco!!! You can use any play dough that you have at home or you can also make you own with just a couple of ingredients which you will probably have in your cupboards already.

Every day at 9.30am a crazy lady called Shonette Bason will be spreading the happiness and showing you how to have fun, dancing with dough. Dough is a fantastic resource for your children’s physical development, strengthening the muscles in their hands to get them ready to write. This free resource is live on YouTube and can be watched again at any time.


We want to see you at the dough disco so please video it and add to tapestry!! Afterwards you can use your dough to make whatever you like. Use table knives to cut, a roller to smooth out your dough and don’t forget to squeeze and pat that dough to get those fingers moving. What will you make??

Wednesday 25th March

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! It was great to see you having fun at the dough disco yesterday, and we hope this can be something you can do together often.

For today’s challenge we would like you to become builders for the day. Have a look around the house for everyday objects that you can build with. You could try pillows, tins of food, cereal boxes, toys or even toilet rolls if you’ve been lucky enough to find any in the shops!!!

How high can you make your tower? Which objects make the tallest towers? Who’s tower is tallest, yours or your grown up/sibling?? How many objects did you use in your tower? Remember to count slowly and carefully one object at a time!!

If you enjoy building we’d love to see what other things you can make with any type of building materials you have at home.

Bob the builder, can he fix it, yes he can!!!!

Thursday 26th March

Happy Thursday. We hope you are all well today and ready for another challenge! We loved seeing all of you construction projects yesterday, you used so many different objects and there was some great counting going on too.

The freedom children experience when they are outdoors in unmistakable. They feel liberated, bigger and fully themselves. Now the weather is slowly warming its time to venture outside. Spring is on its way but can you find any signs of it?

Today's Challenge is to go on a nature hunt for signs of Spring in your garden (or outside if you can safely). Use all of your senses to explore the world around you. What can you see? What colours are around you? What can you smell? Use your sense of touch to feel different textures; the bark on a tree or a smooth leaf. What sounds can you hear? Are there any birds nearby?

Things to look out for:- signs of blossom on the trees, sprouting buds or shoots on plants, the greening of the grass.
Snowdrops – these can appear early and love to grow in woodland.
Daffodils - Bright yellow and hard to miss.
Bluebells – an early Spring plant. You can start to see the shoots appear from January or February.
Catkins – these are the long yellow ‘fluffy’ flowers on trees and appear very early in the season.
As Spring gets closer, look out for ladybirds or bees, or blackbirds gathering materials to make a nest. You could always help them along by leaving out straw, and even hair from your hairbrush!

After you have had a good explore, could you draw us a picture of what things you found in your garden? We would love to see them. Happy Hunting!

Friday 27th March

Good Morning everyone! It was lovely to see your photos of your nature hunts yesterday and you found lots of signs of spring - bluebells, daffodils, shoots, butterflies, bees and even a squirrel!

Today Chester Zoo is holding a virtual zoo day and gates open from 10am. Go to www.chesterzoo.org  for more details and to join the fun. What is your favourite animal. Its a big or small? is it furry or scaly? does it have 2 legs or 4 or maybe no legs! Where does it live? Post a picture of your favourite animal and where it lives.

Also today we have an 'Indoor Scavenger Hunt' for you. Can you collect all of the following things in a bag, box or basket?

[ ] A toy with wheels
[ ] A book with the first letter of you name in it
[ ] A pair of matching socks
[ ] 4 things that are green
[ ] Something very soft
[ ] A toy smaller than you hand
[ ] Something round
[ ] A book with numbers in it
[ ] 5 lego pieces that are different
[ ] A photo of someone you love
[ ] An items you can see yourself in
[ ] An item that makes you feel cozy
[ ] A toy that has 3 different colours on it
[ ] A movie that has the letter 's' (for slither down the snake) in the title
[ ] Your snuggliest stuffed animal

How many of the 15 things did you find? Can you count them?

Ready for a snack? First make sure everything gets put back where it belongs - Tidy Up Time!