W.B 20/4 Nursery Home Learning

Monday 20th April


Good Morning!!!! Hope you have all had a lovely Easter with your families and the Easter Bunny still managed to make an appearance.

We will again be setting a daily challenge for you to have a go at but remember that this is not compulsory and only if you’re looking for ideas for things you could be doing. We would love for you to upload your photos of the challenges to tapestry, it’s so nice to see your faces. It’s been too long and we miss you. We have been adding some of your photos to the school website too. Have a look and see if you can recognise your nursery friends.

Your challenge for today is to look around your house for shapes. Talk to your grown up about what a square, circle, triangle and rectangle look like. How many sides do they have? Can you find any every day objects that are those shapes? Which shape did you find most of? How many was there?

Why not try making a shape picture of your own. Ask a grown up to cut out some shapes so you can make a collage. What can you make with your shapes? A person, a dog, a rocket ship? What shape would be best to use for a head? Or a window? See if you can use the most appropriate shape.

We can’t wait to see what you create.

Tuesday 21st April


Today id like you to play a board game. Which one is your favourite? Board games are great for discussing the rules. practicing taking turns, counting the spots on a dice and then moving counters.

Think about who is winning? Who has rolled the biggest or smallest number? How many more jumps do you need to make to get to the end?

Iv added some links to some simple snakes and ladders games for you to have a go at as well as any board games you might already have at home. If you don’t have a dice, there are lots of free dice apps you can download from the App Store for your phone or tablet.

You can sign up to Twinkl for a free month using this link ...


and then offer code CVDTWINKLHELPS

Once you’re signed up have a look at these simple resources, perfect for your 3&4 year olds.




You could even have a go at making your own game, with your own rules!! But no cheating

Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning, and Happy Wednesday!!!

You all seemed to really enjoy yesterday’s daily challenge and I was happy to see that not much cheating was going on!!

Today we’re going to listen to a story but while we listen we’re going to act it out through Yoga. We’ve read the Hungry Caterpillar before but can you remember all of the things he had to eat? Remember to listen carefully to the instructions and follow the moves.

Can you have a go at drawing the caterpillar or the butterfly and some of the food he ate.

If you look carefully you might even spot a caterpillar or butterfly in your garden.




Thursday 23rd April

Good morning everyone and welcome to Thursdays Nursery challenge. I have made two videos for you to watch today. Firstly, some number songs where I need your help singing along with me, as I really do not like singing by myself! Secondly I have made another video with a game for you to play, called ‘10 Tiny Things’. You will need a large egg box cut to size with 10 sections or a tens frame drawn onto a piece of paper. Hunt around you house to find 10 tiny objects that fit into the space. Each time you add an object, count them carefully and slowly by touching each object with your finger. Count the empty spaces too, to work out how many things you still need to find. You could play this inside the house and outside in the garden to see what different things you can find.

If you would like to take the game further, there is a video from Freestyle Maths on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmNVbZVNC64  The video extra games you can play with your 10 tiny things once you have counted them. A ‘sorting game’ where you separate the objects into two groups, in different ways and a ‘what’s missing game’, where you remove an item and guess what’s gone.

Have fun. I look forward to seeing pictures of your 10 tiny things.

Friday 24th April
Good Morning Everyone, I hope you are all well today and ready for some more activities. Today I thought I would share a story called 'Captain Flinn and The Pirate Dinosaurs', I hope you enjoy it! After listening to the story why not teach your grown ups to do our Dinosaur Stomp dance. Search 'Go Noodle Dino Stomp' or click the link for you tube:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imhi98dHa5w  This is one of our favourites in class. Some dinosaurs had very big feet, but who has the biggest feet in your house? Can you draw around everyone's feet, cut them out (but take care when using the scissors). Next try to put them in order from the smallest to the biggest; W ho has the biggest feet? Who's are smallest? Who has middle sized feet? Using the cut out of your foot print, can you find something bigger than your foot and something smaller than it? And finally, why not make your own dinosaur picture. You could use different natural materials to make a transient art picture in the garden, draw or paint your hands or feet to make a dinosaur. I have attached some pictures to give you ideas! Have fun, and we look forward to seeing your pictures.