W.B 11/5 Nursery Home Learning

Monday 11th May

Hi, Happy Monday!!! Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend.

Today I’d like you to listen to this story from CBeebies. It’s called the Colour Thief.


Could you imagine if the world had no colours in? It would be very boring wouldn’t it! What if you could choose just 1 colour, what colour would you choose? Wouldn’t it be funny to have blue grass and a yellow sky??

Today I would like you to experiment with colours. I have included lots of little colour related activities so you can choose what you would like to do.

Can you find an object in your house or garden of every colour?

If you have any paint or chalk or play dough at home, could you try mixing the colours to see what happens!

Draw a picture using lots of different colours, can you use the correct colours in your picture?

Use Lego bricks to make a tower using all the same colour. How many bricks did you use? Can you make another tower with a different colour? Which one is the tallest?

Can you think of an animal for every colour?

Have a go at this experiment using skittles. https://www.science-sparks.com/skittles-experiment/ 

I can’t wait to see the fun you have with colours today. Let’s hope the sun is shining and it’s not a grey day!!!

Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Today I have a story for you called The Paper Dolls. Please ignore the sounds of my dog Ernie at the beginning of the story, I think he wanted to join in.

Here are a few different activities you might want to try today....

Could you make your own paper dolls? First you will need to draw the dolls and colour them in and then ask a grown up for help to cut them out. I have included a template too.


The paper dolls held hands and never let go. Set yourself a challenge to hold hands with someone in your family and see how long you can hold on without letting go!

In the story in the girl’s house the paper dolls meet a dinosaur, some pigs, a tiger and a crocodile. If they flew to your house who would the paper dolls meet, and what would they do together? You could draw a pictures of the dolls’ adventures.

The little boy came and cut the dolls into tiny pieces. If you have any child friendly scissors or scissors which could be used with supervision then this is a great task to help with fine motor skills. Cutting with scissors takes lots of practice. Can you snip some paper into lots and lots and lots of little pieces just like in the story. Try to hold the scissors in one hand as you do it.

The paper dolls live on in the girl’s memory, alongside all her other fond childhood memories. Do you have a ‘memory box’? Perhaps you could look at old photographs together of when you were just little. What’s your favourite memory?

I hope you have a lovely day and look forward to seeing all your pictures on tapestry xx

Wednesday 13th May

Hi Nursery!!!! How are you??? Happy Wednesday!!! I’m popping into school today, I wish you could be there!

Today Iv got a funny story for you called, Would you like a banana?


Do you like bananas? How do you like to eat them best?? I like a banana split, yum!!! If you have any bananas at home, have a go at making them a little differently.

Could you arrange pieces of banana into a picture? If you haven’t got any bananas, you could use any food in the house. Maybe your lunch could be shaped like a smiley face? Or shaped like an animal?

Banana begins with the sound ‘b’ can you find any other objects in your house that start with the same sound?

Can you take turns to hide a banana or another yellow object? Where did you find it? Be precise, over there is not enough! Was it on something, under, beside, behind, in. Use describing words to tell us where you found it!

Sing along to one of our favourite songs. 5 little monkeys.


Have a lovely day cheeky monkeys!!!

Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Happy Thursday. I hope you are all full of beans and ready to make some animal moves today!

I have two animal stories today, I have read 'What Pet To Get' and attached a link to 'Dear Zoo' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoHn8rLj9pc  a Makaton signed story from signing hands.

After you have listened to the stories, why not make you own animal. What pet would you get? You could make a paper chain snake; cutting and joining strips of paper, make a lion mask from a paper plate or perhaps you could draw you favourite animal.

Maybe you would like to make up you own animal on your tablet or computer? My animal had the head of a giraffe, the legs of a cheetah and the tail of a squirrel! Play a game called Switch Zoo here: https://www.switchzoo.com/zoo.htm 

After that, I have a challenge for you. Can you make a cage for you animal? You could use sticks, straws or spaghetti for the bars and use playdough to join and hold the pieces together.

Finally I have put some some 'Animal Moves' cards in the documents for you to download. Can you stomp like an elephant, balance like a flamingo or hop like a frog? Turn over a card and make the movements, or stick them onto the sides of a box to make a dice - roll it and copy the moves.

Lots of zoos and safari parks are offering virtual tours on their websites. Longleat Safari Park has 3 virtual tours with Kate Humble. The links are on their news page: https://www.longleat.co.uk/news/longleat-virtual-safari-series 

Have Fun and as always we love to see what you get up to!

Friday 15th May

Happy Friday Everybody, I cannot believe another week has gone by already. Today I have a lovely book called Simon Sock. Simon lives in the drawer with all the other socks, who often go on adventures: Unfortunately you have to be a pair of socks to be chosen, and Simon is on his own. He's odd! His friend Ted tries to help by introducing him to lots of other stripy characters but it turns out that just because someone looks like your perfect match, they aren't necessarily the person who will make you the happiest. Will Simon ever fit in? Will he find is dream partner? Or will he always be the odd one out? It is a lovely story to talk about the idea of friendship and the fact that while we all have things in common, we are also all different and like different things. We don’t have to be the same in order to get along.

For todays activity gather up various pairs of socks from different family members (lots of different colours and sizes), and pile them up in a basket, along with a pile of pegs. The idea is to help learn about the concept of pairs, while developing fine motor skills through the use of pegs to clip the pairs of socks together. Talk about how there are two items the same in a pair. Once they have the hang of it, you can change it up. How many pairs can you find in one minute. Remember to talk about careful counting, moving each pair into a line as they count (so as not to get muddled). Why not race a partner; when all the pairs have been matched, who found and clipped the most pairs?

Can you make your own sock puppet? You only need a few supplies to make your puppet. Try using cardboard to cut a circle and fold in half and fit it into your sock for the mouth. Can you decorate your sock to give in a fun appearance? We would love to see them.

It is going to be a nice weekend so enjoy some time outdoors, go for a walk or a bike ride in the fresh air (safely and at an appropriate distance) or just spend some time out in the garden. Stay safe and we'll be back next week with more!