The School Vision

At Wallsend Jubilee Primary School we aim:

  • To provide a well ordered, secure, caring and happy environment for children to learn in and achieve success

  • To continually seek to raise standards for all children

  • To provide a stimulating well-planned, organised and balanced curriculum

  • To provide opportunities for children to engage in pursuits beyond the formal curriculum

  • To give children confidence in their ability to learn and to encourage positive attitudes to work, so that each child achieves her/his true potential

  • To encourage children to be considerate, to value and to show respect for others and to be a worthwhile member of the school and wider community
We will:
  • Recognise that our primary aim is the promotion of learning and the achievement of potential

  • Commit to equality of opportunity

  • Encourage respect and concern for the rights and welfare of others

  • Create a respect for the environment

  • Engender self-repsect and self-esteem

  • Actively promote social responsibility
  • The development of a broad and balanced curriculum tailored to the needs of our children
  • Acknowledging that a number of learning goals can be achieved by using a cross-curricular approach
  • A commitment to providing activities beyond the formal school curriculum
  • The promotion of links with other institutions local, national and international
  • Recognising that our values can be promoted through many areas of the curriculum