Summer Week 1: Archived Home Learning Materials

For English this week we will be looking at Non-Fiction. You will be finding out all about animals and having a go at writing fact files. The first lesson is all about remembering the alphabetical order. 
Why not look at this SuperMovers video do your exercises while learning the alphabet! 
If you would like to hear a story about the Alphabet why not listen to 'Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers.
 Lesson 2: Top Trumps Baby Animals. If you can print out the cards and play a game with an adult. Practise your reading skills. Get an adult to read some facts see if you can guess the animal. Have a go at the worksheet. Have fun! 
English lessons 4 & 5  -read the information about the Desert Animals. Choose one of the animals and create a fact-file using one of the templates to print off, or make a fact-file in your green books or on a piece of paper. Try to write the facts in your own words. Draw a picture and write a caption about your chosen animal.
Watch the story about Lola  starting school.

How would you choose new friends? What would you look for in friend? What kind of things would you say? e.g Would you like to play with us? Task: Make a list of kind things you could say to a new friend. 

What does “Secret” mean? Tell an adult what you think it means. There are "good secrets" for example, birthday presents or a surprise party.There are also "bad secrets" for example, a friend broke your favourite toy.Remember you can say NO to something you are not happy with. It might be better not to keep a secret if it makes you unhappy. Who could you tell? Task: Make a list of people who you could tell.