Remote education for pupils who are self isolating

Our email addresses if you need to contact us:
Friday 27th November  - Basic Skills Task

1)      Please click on the website:

2)      Look at the picture – what do you notice? What do you wonder?

3)      Complete ONE activity-

  • Story starter – finish the story and make it exciting!
  • Question time – answer the questions!
  • Sentence challenge – complete the grammar task!
  • Sick sentences – edit and improve the sentence to make it sound better!

Once finished, please e-mail a photograph of your work or send a message to Mrs Taylor to let her know that you have completed the tasks -


Friday 27th November
English Task Year  5
Today you can practise writing a diary based upon a person in history:  Grace Darling
If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Remember to let me know if you have completed the task or send a photo.
Mrs Taylor
Friday 27th November - Maths Tasks
Year 5 - There are four times table sheets attached today.
Level 1 is the easiest and Level 4 is the hardest - choose a level to challenge yourself with.
From Monday, all maths work will appear on this section of the webpage and we will also email any links directly to your ntlp email addresses.
Friday 27th November. Afternoon Task.
This afternoon you have the option of 
A) choosing golden time as a reward for all your hard work this week ( draw a picture/ paint a picture/ create a collage/ make up a dance to your favourite song)
B) research Greek language task sheet-  REMEMBER if you don't have a dictionary you can use google.