Remote education for pupils who are self isolating

Hello Year 2
If we are all isolating then you must check this page each day for your work. 
If you are isolating as a family, you can use the document below for the next 2 weeks of work for your child.  Each unit of work is from Oak Academy. 
Here are our emails:
Day 1 Isolation Tasks
Please use the Day 1 Isolation links below on Monday 9th November   
Complete the following tasks on your first day of isolation unless there is an updated daily plan below
Watch these videos to help you count in 2's, 5's and 10s:
Practice bonds to 10, 20, doubling, halving and 2, 5 and 10 times tables using the link below:
Practice 2, 5 and 10 times tables using the link below:
Log on to Oxford Owl to read a range of e-books.  Remember to select your current book band colour.  You can log in here:
Play this game where you have to blend.  You can choose harder options to challenge yourself
You can practise spelling words by choosing either level year 1 or year 2.  You then choose which words you'll focus on for today.  Good luck!
Day 2 and beyond...
Disney Store - Buzz Lightyear Talking 12
Read Write Inc
Read, Write Inc sessions will be completed daily.  If you are in Miss Tappenden's group then click on the appropriate PowerPoint below 'Option 1' showing my name.  If you are in Mrs Wyres or Mrs Fenton's Read, Write Inc group then you can either recap sounds through the RWInc session below 'Option 1' or complete 'Option 2' RWI tasks each could even do option 1 AND option 2!
Option 1
Option 2
Mrs Wyres and Mrs Fenton's group look at the sounds to recap then complete a task each day.
You will see a PowerPoint below.  The PowerPoint has lessons 1 - 5 on it so ensure you only do 1 lesson each day.  The independent task will be linked below too. 
Week 2 Maths
You will see a power point below which shows the whole weeks work.
Do one task per day all resources will be linked below.
English week 2     16th November - 20th November 
Afternoon Sessions
Here you will find all of the sessions you will complete in the afternoon.  You will cover lots of different curriculum areas so you have an interesting and varied curriculum. 
Monday 16th November  Anti Bullying
This week is anti bullying week today we will be focusing on this and doing activities related to this theme.
First activity wear odd socks!!
Second -watch and listen to the story "Troll stinks" by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross.
Third - complete the activity below.
Get active this afternoon (20.11.20)
Inside football skills
The 60 second reads below can be done at anytime! Remember to log in to your Oxford Owl account so you can read ebooks.