Remote education

Please complete the 6R form using this form:
Please complete the short survey (Link below) about your home education experience, you will need an adult to help you
Hello Year 2
Please visit this page daily to view the tasks you have been assigned.   There is a suggested weekly timetable to follow below. 
We will send an invitation to your NTLP account each morning for our 9am Google Meet.  On Monday-Thursday we will also send you another invite for a daily 2pm Google Meet, this meeting is only for those who are stuck/struggling with work and would like further advice and support.  Our 2pm Friday afternoon Google Meet is our class assembly. Contact us by email during the day if you have any questions. There is an expectation that completed work is returned to class teachers so you can receive feedback.
Please send photos of completed work by 3.15pm each day.
Contact us by emailing:
Important Information
Day 1 Isolation Tasks
Please use the Day 1 Isolation links below on Tuesday 5th January
Complete the following tasks on your first day of isolation unless there is an updated daily plan below
Watch these videos to help you count in 2's, 5's and 10s:
Practice bonds to 10, 20, doubling, halving and 2, 5 and 10 times tables using the link below:
Practice 2, 5 and 10 times tables using the link below:
Log on to Oxford Owl to read a range of e-books.  Remember to select your current book band colour.  You can log in here:
Play this game where you have to blend.  You can choose harder options to challenge yourself
You can practise spelling words by choosing either level year 1 or year 2.  You then choose which words you'll focus on for today.  Good luck!
January 6th and beyond...
Disney Store - Buzz Lightyear Talking 12
Well done we have reached the end of home schooling... Excellent effort by both children and adults!!
(download your certificate of achievement below)
February 2021
We had great fun playing in the snow. We made our own snowman together and we named him Frosty.
March 2021 
World Book Day 
We have been reading the book Grendal, a cautionary tale about chocolate, and have enjoyed drawing the character of Grendal. We loved making masks of different story characters from books we have previously read, making book marks, completing word searches, then we sat and read some of our favorite books. 
Weekly Timetable 
Below you will find our weekly timetable so you can see the subjects you will complete each day.  At times we may not always follow this timetable.
Read Write Inc
Read, Write Inc sessions must be completed daily. 
We have useful information uploaded below. This will hopefully help you further understand phonics.
Task 1: Speed Sound Lessons
If you are learning set 1 sounds, recap a sound a day from the PowerPoint below.  Remember to practice your red words too (At the end of the PowerPoint)
Speed sounds set 2 and 3: Follow the links below, they will take you to a page with lots of videos on.  Only choose a speed sound 2 or 3 lesson.  You can also choose spelling videos.  Choose a sound that you do not know/are not confident with, starting with set 2 sounds and moving onto set 3.  
Miss French: 
Now move on to task 2...
Task 2:  Complete an activity below (In any order) each day after completing a speed sound lesson.  Ensure you know our focus sound for this week's activities.  
Below you will find PDF documents with links to the maths videos for each lesson, tasks to complete and answers.  Remember to mark your work once you have completed it.
You have all been given a Log on to Oxford Owl so you can read a range of e-books. There are lots of books to choose from now on Oxford Owl.  Remember to select your child's current book band colour.  You can log in here:
Further tips to help you read with your child at home are below as well as 60 seconds reads.  
We are recapping year 1 spellings.   Each week we will complete a spelling test in class. Below you will find a copy of the spelling lists.   If you aren't sure which spelling list you are practicing (Green/orange/red) then contact your teacher to find out.
Test this week: Test List 4  Friday 5th March
As well as practicing your spellings for your weekly test, continue to practice these top 200 high frequency words.  You will not be tested on them by us each week however someone in your household could test you.
Continue to practice your cursive letter formations using the cursive alphabet below to help
Afternoon Sessions
Here you will find all of the sessions you will complete in the afternoon.  You will cover lots of different curriculum areas so you have an interesting and varied curriculum. 
It's World Book Day on Thursday 4th March.
Click on the picture below to find out more...
Throughout the week be thinking about your favourite book character ready to make a mask on Thursday.
Make a mask... ready for our google meet on Friday ...
World Book Day other activities...
5.3.21 PE activity 
Choose 5 fitness challenge cards from the ones below and make up your own circuit. Do each exercise for 1 minute. Get an adult to join in!!!
Option 2: Choose a yoga session to complete
Friday Google Meets
Google Friday afternoon meet  Friday 12th February 
Eyes down for a game of Bingo at 2pm 
All you need to do is have 9 numbers between 1 and 20 chosen and written down and a pen to mark them off. Alternatively you can down load a bingo card below.
Good Luck!!
Extending Your Own Learning
If you have completed your work and want to push yourself and extend your understanding within a subject, why not have a go at some self-directed learning.
Attached is a PDF with links to lots of different educational websites for all of the subjects and topics you are learning about.
Think about which subject or topic you want to learn more about or become better at and click on the relevant link to find some lessons, activities or games to complete:
Archived Work
(5.3.21) Master your yoga poses through this Cosmic Kids activity:
11.2.21: Can I understand what a food chain is?
Step 1: Watch the video following the link below to find out more about food chains.   
Step 2: Read the information under the video about 'prey' and 'predators'
Step 3: Have a go at the quiz
Step 4: Complete the food chain activity (Uploaded to webpage)
Children's Mental Health Week 1st-7th February
                      "Theme Express Yourself"
Find some information and activities below to do throughout 
the week...
Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February 
Find out more by clicking on the links below