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From Eleanor's Mum - Year 1 
"Thought I would share this resource. I bought my daughter Eleanor the big life journal and we’ve been completing it together each night before bed. She loves it and it’s a great way to reflect on her day and discuss how she’s been feeling. Here’s a link to the website. They have lots of other resources.".
From Charlie's Dad - Year 3
"I've been doing the Solihull approach course you posted, I'm up to module 6 now. It's been a great refresher on things. With us having a little one who's 2 1/2 I'm always keen to learn more about how the brain works and development. The course has been really helpful as it's so easy to dip in and out of in short bursts when you don't have a lot of time. The examples used throughout the course from other parents etc., are great references too. It's easy to follow and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone".