Our wider curriculum - The 6R's For Life Long Learning

At Wallsend Jubilee Primary School we aim to develop the whole child through a curriculum which is extended beyond the academic. The child’s personal development is central to everything that we offer.

These are some of the experiences that we offer within our extended curriculum:

The 6Rs are integral to all that we do at Wallsend Jubilee. They help children to talk about their learning and to know how to behave. We talk about them in lessons and assemblies on a daily basis. Children learn about them gradually, starting with Readiness, and then learning about Responsibility. The others will follow later. Here is a reminder of what the 6Rs are, what we teach that they mean, and some examples of how you could use them in an everyday situation. If you can use these same words at home, you will help your child to understand them and will show that home and school are working together as a team.