Colouring Mandalas

Colouring Mandalas
Colouring, in particular, mandalas promotes wellbeing at all ages. For children it's an activity that helps develop hand-eye coordination, trains the mind to recognise shapes, develops creativity, stimulates the sense of patience and attention, helps the development of intelligence and reasoning.
The benefits of coloring the mandala are many, they provide a relaxing exercise for children and are a really helpful way for children to practice mindfulness. 
Why don’t you organise a mandala relax afternoon session with your family? You could print a larger mandala and color them all together. You can use different materials: crayons, markers, wax colors, shades, watercolors. This activity is an occasion to spend time together with your child/children, to strengthen your bond. 
We'd love to see your completed mandalas and showcase them on this page, email to: 
Happy colouring everyone!!