Autumn Term 2017

Welcome to year 4, we are looking forward to an action packed year.
Please visit our class page regularly to find out what things we have been up to.  
Miss Atkinson and Mrs Miller
Autumn Term
This has already been a very busy term for everyone in Year 4.  
In English, we have been looking at historical stories, newspaper reports and stories with an imaginary setting.   The children have been working hard on applying all the new skills introduced already.  
In maths, those who attended our maths event will already know, we now approach maths in a different way.  The focus is now on ensuring all children have a strong grasp of concepts before we move onto the next topic.  Your children have already covered place value and number, addition and subtraction.  They all now understand and can explain our formal methods of addition and subtraction, why don't you ask them to tell you about these at home.    
Please continue reading for all the other fun activities we have covered so far this term.  
Celtic Roundhouses
We have been learning about how the Celts used to live.  In particular, we have looked at their homes. We then all had a chance to make our own Celtic roundhouse, this really tested our cutting skills and patience.  The roof was very hard to balance on the top of the building!
Autumn Half term Projects
This term we have been looking at The Romans, here is a selection of our amazing projects. thank you to all the children and parents for their hard work.  
Anti- Bullying Day 2017
On Thursday 16th November, we discussed bullying and how to get the message out to our friends that bullying is wrong.  We looked at the famous graffiti artist Banksy, who is famous for his controversial street art messages.  We then created our own anti-bullying street art, in the style of Banksy, using stencils.  
Invention Shed
We are pleased to announce that Year 4 were selected to try out our new Invention Shed, located at the back of our school.  This is a outdoor shed where children can express their creative side.  Mrs Bell and our Sheducator, Alex, alongside  6 year 4 pupils have been working in the shed for a few weeks now and have created some excellent things, including cars and fidget spinners.    We know the rest of Year 4 are eager to have a go to!
Year 4 had a great time at Segedunum on Thursday 23rd September.  We enjoyed three workshops, trading, Roman soldier life and Roman technology.